The Olympus Micro 4/3 12-50mm Real Use Lens Review by Steve Huff

12-50 steve huff

Link >> The Olympus Micro 4/3 12-50mm Real Use Lens Review – The misunderstood kit zoom.

Snip >>

So I recently acquired a silver OM-D and 12-50 Kit Zoom. You know, the kit lens everyone has just about panned and trashed. Well, not really e v e r y o n e but many reviews and users have said it is just average in optical quality, has awful distortion, and of course aperture speed, or lack of it. I wondered how Olympus could be selling this guy for $499 when it looks HUGE in pictures and everyone is panning it off as soft, slow and lacking in micro-contrast!

Well, the fact is that it is indeed slow when it comes to aperture. With a variable aperture of 3.5-6.3 it is as slow as molasses on a cold winters day as it drips from the spout in a house without heat…BUT with the amazing 5-Axis Image stabilization inside of the OM-D E-M5, I was able to go out at night and get handheld shots on the wide end with no issues. The ISO would get jacked up but the E-M5 has really good high ISO performance so it is not that huge of a deal (samples below). Let’s face it, OM-D users are mostly enthusiasts and hobbyists. The big wig pro’s go with Nikon and Canon and having a weatherproof 12-50 zoom WITH good Macro capability and video capability can be a good lens to have, even with its shortcomings.


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