2 thoughts on “Steve Huffs Full E-M5 Review”

  1. As much as I love this camera (Olympus OM-D) I have found out the hard way that is isn’t very resilient. I have had Nikons up to now with no body or screen issues. I have owned the Olympus for less than two months and already have a cracked screen. I have had in it my hand or in my bag, so if it took a spill it did so inside a gear bag. I have NO idea what caused it- just that I went to shoot at the second day of a convention and my screen did not work. I could shoot, but not change any settings since the screen has all the menu items. I sent it in for repair and now face a $200 bill. These things happen I am sure, but it is a bit disheartening that after over 10 years of using high end Nikons – starting with the Nikon DCS460 – that this crack (which I could not even see) happened after a mere two months of use with no obvious incident. I also heavily use my iphone and ipad and have never had an issue with cracks (and I’ve actually dropped my phone once or twice). I’ve even seen my son drop his Coolpix flat on the sidewalk and it got banged up but no crack. It tells me that somehow the screen is not as protected as is should be, and perhaps needs some sort of third party or Olympus protection to create a buffer like an iphone case. Very disappointed to have to spend more money after buying camera, two Olympus lenses, Olympus flash and extra third party batteries since I love the results of the camera. My 5 star rating just dropped to 3 and a warning to my friends looking to purchase. Hope Olympus doesn’t start having a lot of this issue as I have committed to the system for all of my pro work.

    1. Sorry to hear you misfortune.. I am surprised that Olympus won’t fix it under warranty. They are not obligated, since it was not a malfunction.. But, customer service is important also. Even in your case. There is a photographer in Miami, Florida that uses the E-M5 for all his Professional work also. Regards Peter

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