Using AF lenses in Manual Focus

For many photographers, tweaking or just using manual focus with AF lenses is a normal thing.

But, if you don’t set the camera properly, once you manually focus, a 1/2 press on the shutter wipes it all out.

you must do 3 things to set the camera up so your shutter 1/2 press won’t activate AF.

  1. Change the “AEL/AFL” to Mode 3 (Menu/Gears/A/AEL/AFL/OK/S-AF/>Mode 3/OK)
  2. Make Fn1 to be your AF Button (Menu/Gears/B/OK/Button Functions/>/Fn1/>/”AEL/AFL”/OK)
  3. Change the AF Mode to “S-AF+MF” (Menu/Gears/A/AF Mode/OK/S-AF/>/”S-AF+MF”/OK)

This will allow you to manually focus with the wired focus ring, and use the shutter button to take a meter reading and exposure. without the 1/2 press changing the manual focus you set.

4 thoughts on “Using AF lenses in Manual Focus”

  1. Hi, I’m having difficulty getting the MF ring to work on my Olympus 45mm f1.8.

    I’m using an E-M10 Mark II body, with the prescribed settings, to no avail.

    My DJI 15mm f1.7 works fine with the manual focus ring and the same settings, but can’t get the 45mm to manual focus no-matter what I do.

    Here is a quick video I made.

    Any help appreciated.

  2. Unfortunately I am only using an OM E-M10 – not Mark Two, so cannot do the above – my AEL/AFL is ‘greyed out’, non-funcy so I probably don’t have Mode 3?! And I find the deliberate manual focus ‘flaring’ or ‘frosting’ when in manual mode [using a OM ED 75-300] frustrating and hard to read! Any ideas, please?

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