Setting up the E-M5 to shoot OOC Black and White

Shooting black and white is simple set up, and can be done using the SCP (Super Control Panel)

  • Activate the SCP
  • Set to Record in JPG only
  • Change the “Picture Mode” to Black and White (upper right corner of the SCP)
  • DONE!

If you shoot in RAW, it will record in color.. But, the Live View will be in Black and White. That gives the Option to use color.

You can change it to Black and White in Olympus Viewer II by double clicking on the RAW photo you want to make Black and White, and under the RAW tab, go to the “Picture Mode” drop down and choose “Monotone”, convert the photo to a JPG.

One thought on “Setting up the E-M5 to shoot OOC Black and White”

  1. Hey Peter,
    I have only owned my OM-D for a few weeks and never done any photography before but am loving both the camera and photography. A lot to learn but I just wanted to say I Appreciate your blog, it’s been an excellent resource! Joined the Flickr group too even though my pics aren’t that great … Yet!

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