Mapping Fn Buttons

There will many suggestions here, so pick the best custom function for each button that suits your needs.

Tip 1:

  • Mapping the Fn2 Button on the top plate to Magnify with an adapted lens is very convenient.

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Complete Map of available functions you can assign to each Custom Function Button for the Body and any lenses that have a custom function button.

Complete Map of available functions

3 thoughts on “Mapping Fn Buttons”

  1. yes that’s the best map configuration for the magnify in my experience the red dot next to it gets iso for me
    the other fn next to the playback top bck gets teleconverter 2x for me ….to me it looks better than a regular 2x crop , but it may be my imagination

  2. Note that the default for Fn2 is Multifunction, which includes Magnify. I suggest leaving as is, but select magnify from the available functions: hold down the Fn2 button until the choices appear, use either dial to select Magnify. For those times when you want easy access to Tone Curve, Image Aspect Ratio or WB, it’s an easy switch.

  3. After a few days, I find a slightly different mapping that can also work.
    I have mapped the Fn2 to be the AEL/Spot Metering Lock, and the Video Record to be the Magnify (used for adapted lenses). and the Fn1 to be the new Video Record which is fine because I would most likely be using the LCD for Video anyway. (I don’t use video that much).

    For some reason, mapping the Fn2 for Magnify is fussy for me. But using the mapping in this reply, seems to works 100% of the time.

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