Using the “Level” option

Many times, especially with wide angle lenses, having your camera level will help keep any distortion down. But, it also help in landscapes where you may not have a true vertical line or true horizontal line to frame too.

The Olympus E-M5 has a vertical and horizontal level. But with a caveat, it will replace other readouts…

The display will cycle through these options,

  • Histogram
  • Highlight/Shadow blown areas
  • Image Only
  • Level Gauge

You may ONE activated at any one time.

Here is how to change it.

  1. Press the INFO button
  2. Cycle through the display options
Page 39 of the Olympus OMD E-M5 PDF Manual

Click on image to enlarge the image

8 thoughts on “Using the “Level” option”

  1. I don’t think so… check it against a known FLAT AND LEVEL Surface..
    A Kitchen Counter… and with a 2/foot carpenters level, and the in camera level.
    check both…If it is off… That is a Olympus repair… 😦

  2. Thank you to Anonymous and shame on you Arblb. Yes, you can set it – just got a new EM10 and it was wrong. Easy to fix with the menu setting indicated.

    1. oh well, no longer have an E-M5 or any Olympus…. I do have a few manuals I can check against. Must of missed that adjustment. 😉

  3. I cannot find my level gauge anywhere on my om de m1 camera, I have tried info button but it is not an option, anyone know what I have done wrong, it used to be there.

  4. You have to have your eye looking through the EVF as you cycle through the options if you want the Level to show up in the EVF.

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