Using Bulb or Time In “LiveView”

We all know the bulb mode… You push down on the shutter button, the shutter opens, you count down/up your seconds, you lift up, the shutter closes.

But in “TIME  mode, you press the shutter button down all the way and lift up, the shutter remains open until you press down all the way “Again”, and the shutter closes…

You can even view the on going exposure on the LCD life-View “DURING EXPOSURE”  Cool !!…

Watch the video on the using “Bulb” exposure in the E-M5 Feature Videos to see this in action.

Here are the instructions from the E-M5 PDF Manual


  • Menu
  • Gears
  • [E] EXP:ISO
  • Go to Page 2
  • LiveTime/.5 sec
  • LiveBulb: .5 sec

The  first  .5 sec is a blank screen, than after .5 sec the Live/T/B will be in effect on the LCD or EVF. The longer you set this number, the longer you have a blank screen before you see the LiveView exposure.

As the subject or camera moves, you will see the collective effect build on the LCD or EVF

If you want to have the camera stop the exposure in LiveBulb or LiveTime, you can set the “BULB/TIME Timer” from 1 minute to 30 minutes. 1m, 2m, 4m 8m 15m, 20m 25m, 30m options.

8 thoughts on “Using Bulb or Time In “LiveView””

  1. Arbib, where is your correction set up instructions? I have mine set to 5 sec but for some reason the image keeps on blowing out!- Over exposed. I don’t get to see much at all happening as after 3 frames is whitened out completely! A full description of set up and of live time would be appreciated. I have found no same problems on the net and it is starting to frustrate me.

    1. “The longer you set this number, the longer you have a blank screen before you see the LiveView exposure.”
      Try .05 sec (this is not 5s, that would be .5)
      Also, try using a smaller f/stop opening…. f/16 for instance.
      This will allow slower buildup on the LCD, and better control of the long exposure.
      Try to have at least a 30s exposure build up.. Use a lower ISO, and small f/stop opening.

  2. I have experienced difficulty with the OMD E-M5II on long exposures utelizing the time live setting. Attempting to capture the movement of the stars at night ( that would create a sircular pattern ) only to find that the camera on a number of attempts would automatically shut down after only 8min, of exposures. In practice I would need at least a 20min + exposure for this effect.

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