Fn1 to AFL and Shutter Button to Meter and Take Photo

I cam across another blog where the photographer is birder. He wanted to be able to lock focus with a back button on the E-M5, similar to the Canon DSLR setup. Since he also uses Canon also. Although, in the manual is no direct instruction for this, by combining several custom functions and saving them to a “Myset #”, you can quickly change to that preset when you want that option.

I use it to lock focus, then recompose to meter and take a photograph. useful in many images where you may not want the AF spot to be metered spot.

So, how do you set it up. This will set up the shutter button to meter on a 1/2 press, and expose on a full press.. It also will set up whatever button you have for AEL/AFL .. In, this case, we will set up Fn1. perfect for your thumb, in the second set of instructions.

Setting up the Shutter & AEL/AFL button functions

  1. Menu
  2. Gears
  3. “A” = AF/MF
  4. >
  5. AEL/AFL
  6. >
  7. S-AF
  8. >
  9. Mode 3
  10. OK

Setting up Fn1 to AFL only

  1. Menu
  2. Gears
  3. “B” = Button/Dial
  4. >
  5. Button Function
  6. >
  7. Fn1
  8. >
  9. AEL/AFL
  10. OK

Now Fn1 will S-AF, you can now let go of Fn1 and the AF spot will not change when you recompose and shoot.

Save to a “MySet”

  1. Menu
  2. Camera 1
  3. >
  4. Reset/Myset
  5. >
  6. Pick 1 through 4
  7. OK

Now, the Myset # is set up for instant recall when needed.

You can also set up other functions like 9fps or auto ISO for example to a part of the “Myset #”

You will have to remember that the AF will not function on the 1/2 press of the shutter button. You will need to press Fn1 to AF now.

3 thoughts on “Fn1 to AFL and Shutter Button to Meter and Take Photo”

  1. Thanks for this tip. Am I correct in understanding that exposure metering is still done with shutter release button? Also, is there a way to lock exposure reading?

    1. Yes, the exposure is with the 1/2 press of the shutter button.
      you can program an Fn button as an AE-L lock….

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