Double Exposure with the E-M5

I also have a post that explains a bit more..

The Fast and Dirty way to take a double exposure

To take a Double Exposure with Olympus E-M5

  • Menu/Camera 2
    • Multiple exposure >
      • Frame/2f
      • Auto Gain/ON
      • Overlay/OFF (this is to use saved photos as your multiple exposures)

Once you put the camera in multiple exposure mode, you can not change any other functions until both photo’s are taken. So, adjust these ahead of time.

A sample

7 thoughts on “Double Exposure with the E-M5”

  1. Cannot access multi exp. mode, I know where it is but it’s greeted out. Does anyone know how you were able to get the menu activated?

    1. Is you camera ON the GREEN Auto Photo mode?
      The Camera will block a lot settings in this shooting mode.
      Try P/S/A/M instead..And you may be in JPG also….
      I no longer have the E-M5… so I can’t try it out on the camera.

    1. What that function does is automatically adjust the viewfinder brightness, so when you photograph with a small iris opening with a manual lens the viewfinder will be brighter than the exposure really is so that you can see to focus. If you turn it off, then using a manual lens with a small iris opening the viewfinder will be dark

      Also, in dark rooms,. the LCD/EVF gets brighter to see what your are photographing better

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