Choosing the AF Point or Points (pg 44 PDF)

This may be a basic help post, but, it can be frustration when you haven’t changed the AF Point options for while.  There are several choices to pick from.

  • All AF points available for focus (the camera chooses ONE point automatically)
  • One AF point available for focus (You decide which of the AF points will be used)
  • A block of AF points available for focus. (A block of 9  (or 6 around the edges) AF points are selected by you, and the camera chooses ONE AF point in that block)

Now, each has a reason to use, and that will be up to you.

To get started, bring up the Super Control Panel (SCP) on the LCD and pick the AF target button.

  • Push the OK button
  • Push the INFO button
  • Use the up/down arrow buttons to the 3 ways you use AF points
  • Use the right/left arrows to pick the different face detect option (A good feature with all selections)
  • Push the INFO again so you can use the arrow buttons to adjust the AF point, or AF Block to where you want.
  • Push the OK button to exit these settings and return to the LCD live View.

4 thoughts on “Choosing the AF Point or Points (pg 44 PDF)”

  1. This Info button interface is really poor design. One suggestion I’d make for your tutorials is to at least reference the same terms that Olympus uses. That would help make this resource easier to find. Olympus calls AF points “focus targets” and I was searching for “group target”. On this page, there is no searchable reference to those terms since they only appear in the bitmap of the Olympus manual.

    1. well, the manual says “Focus Targets”. These are the 35 areas that the AF uses to focus on, so, you can change the AF Target to any of the 35 targets, or a group of 6/9/35, where the camera will decide what Focus Target to use.
      With Face-Detect on, multiple focus targets may be selected.

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