Changing the Manual Focal Length on the E-M5 for use with Image Stabilization.

A quick tip for changing the focal length when using a manual focus lens on the Olympus OMD E-M5.

I have using only one MF lens on my E-M5 for a few weeks now. But, when I changed the lens, I just could not find “Where” to find the adjustment in the menu system. I scanned the PDF manual, I went though what I thought were logical places to search for it. No deal. I finally took a closer look at the PDF manual “Index”… Found It !!!

It is pretty simple.

  1. Bring up the Super Control Panel
  2. Select the “IS-x” button (Lower Left Corner)
  3. Press the “Info” button just below the thumb grip.
  4. Use the “Right and Left” arrow keys to adjust the lens focal length.
  5. Pick the closest focal length to the marked focal length on the lens. pick the next higher number, if yours is not listed.

13 thoughts on “Changing the Manual Focal Length on the E-M5 for use with Image Stabilization.”

  1. I realize this is an old entry, but if anybody’s still reading it – any thoughts on the best way to handle this setting when you’re using a legacy zoom lens? . . .

  2. Have a older OM to m4/3 adapter that worked on my old E-P1. But on the new M-5 just cannot get it to work at all. Thought manual mode would be the same but no adjustment at all with a 50mm 1.8 nice zuiko I used to use on the E-P1. Don’t know what the heck I am missing here.

    1. Do you mean that adapter can’t be mounted on the E-M5?
      Or the OM lens can’t be mounted on the adapter?
      Or, You can’t focus to INF?
      Or you can’t change the FL to 50mm via the SCP as shown above?

  3. Not clear what you mean by “doesn’t work” – how doesn’t it work?
    What kind of adjustment are you referring to?

    1. Sorry, if not clear. Turned out the Om adapter lock hole was not deep enough for the camera to see it installed. It seemed like it locked on but the depth was really shallow so the m-5 did not see it installed. Drilled it deeper without making a hole and works perfect.
      Sorry for the confusion…

  4. No need to apologize –
    your expanded explanation is clear and may help others with the same issue.
    Who would have guessed a too-shallow lock hole?
    Amazing you figured it out . . .

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