Adjusting the WB on the OMD-E-M5

As with any digital camera, the sensor can be adjusted to correctly record the photograph with the correct “White Balance” (here after “WB”). 95% of the time, allowing the camera to decide for you will work just fine, and you can make small adjustments while editing.

With the Olympus OMD E-M5, there are several ways to adjust the WB.

  1. Automatic WB
  2. Presets for the known light quality (Icons of the different WB under different lighting)
  3. One Touch WB by taking a photo of a white card, and using that WB as your WB setting.
  4. Custom WB where you set the WB by the known Color Temperature. (like Studio Lights set at 5600K)
  5. Tweaking the WB by adjusting “Red/Blue” and/or “Green/Magenta” sliders


This setting is for good general lighting. Sunny, Partially Cloudy, Cloudy. Pretty much most of the outdoor sky conditions. To set your camera to the “Automatic WB” you have a few ways to do this. Turn your camera on…..

  1. Press the “Right 4way Arrow” and select “Auto”
  2. Activate the SCP and select the upper 2nd button on the TOP row, from the left. Now, turn the back wheel to select ” WB AUTO”
  3. Press “Menu/Gears/G/Color-WB/WB/AUTO
    1. To Tweak the Auto Setting, press the “Right Arrow 4way” and use the two sliders to adjust the Auto WB color Temperature. This allows you shift the “RED/BLUE” and “GREEN/MAGENTA” White Balance.
    2. Press “OK”


These settings are for quick settings in a specific lighting situation. The Icons indicate the type of light your shooting.

  • “SUN” 5300k: Bright Clear days / Or Sunsets and Fireworks
  • “OPEN SHADE” 7300k: Open Shade is where a large building is casting a large/long shadow that you have placed your subject in.
  • “CLOUDY” 6000k: Over cast sky’s w/o any blue showing through.
  • “TUNGSTEN LIGHT” (light bulb icon) 3000k: Indoors with standard light bulbs. (not daylight corrected light bulbs)
  • “FLORESCENT LIGHT” (long florescent bulb) 4000k: Indoors with the long 2′-8′ florescent bulbs.
  • “UNDERWATER WB”: When you are taking pictures under water with an underwater housing.
  • “FLASH WB” 5500k: When you are using a flash with your camera. Includes On-Camera, Off-Camrea and Studio Lights.

To Tweak any of these Preset WB settings you must go through the MENU system

  1. Press “Menu/Gears/G/Color-WB/WB/”Any Preset Icon”
  2. To Tweak your chosen Preset Setting, press the “Right Arrow 4way” and use the two sliders to adjust the Auto WB color Temperature. This allows you shift the “RED/BLUE” and “GREEN/MAGENTA”White Balance.
  3. Press “OK”



  1. Press “Menu/Gears/G/Color-WB/WB/”CWB” (page 2 of WB icons) / “>” (right 4way arrow)
  2. To set a Custom WB, use the up and down arrows on the 4way to adjust the WB color Temperature.
  3. Press “OK”

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