Built-In Black and White Filters

Like many photographers, Black and White Imaging is a technique used for many photos.

  • Street Photography
  • Portraits
  • Night Cityscape’s

To name a few. In the Film Heydays, we used “Colored” filters to control the scene contrast.

Yellow and Red where the most popular, and Green was next.

  • A Yellow Filter will darken BLUE (Skies)… It will Lighten Yellow.  With Nice Clouds in a blue sky, the darker blue effect will bring out the clouds.
  • A Red has stronger effect than a Yellow Filter
  • A Green Filter will lighten Green Plants, useful with B&W Portraits with tall shrubbery in the background.

From the Olympus E-M5 Manual, Page 52 and 53 English Manual

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One thought on “Built-In Black and White Filters”

  1. thanks for pointing these out , buried in the menu as these are i didn’t think they were there in my em5 ,,,, im a much happier camper now!

    in the x 100 menu they sit along side regular monochrome an easier place to find them IMHO

    RE: Black and White Contrast Filters in E-M5 Manual Highlight.

    Copied/Moved by Admin

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