How to Custumize the Fn1/Fn2/Video buttons

To help customize the Olympus E-M5 to suit your needs, you can setup 3 buttons for specific functions. The 3 buttons are:

  • Fn1
  • Fn2
  • Video Record

Many owners who have a good size stable of older manual focus lenses like to set Fn2 as a “Magnify” button. This is a very handy spot, being just to the right of the shutter button.

Many who like to take a light reading, and “Hold” it to re-frame, like to make the Red Video record button an Exposure Lock.. Using the Spot Meter for the reading area. Being just a small distance on the top deck from the shutter button, makes it convenient also..

And, I like Fn1 as the digital 2x option….

But, if you want to customize these 3 buttons and save them as a “My Camera #”, this allows you have several settings that are easily changed when needed.

OK, how do it?

  • Menu
  • Gears
  • >
  • B (Button/Dial)
  • OK
  • Button Function
  • OK
  • FN1/Fn2/Video
  • >
  • up/down arrow to pick function
  • OK (to set button to function)

To set the AEL to the spot meter:

  • Menu
  • Gears
  • >
  • E (Exp/ISO)
  • OK
  • AEL Metering
  • OK
  • Up/Down arrows to pick meter pattern (3rd option is the Spot Meter)
  • OK (to set the pattern)

BTW, if you change the Meter to Spot via the SCP before you use the AEL lock, you will see the effect as you move the spot around. The benefit of “Live View. Then you can just push the AEL button when you see the effect you want.

3 thoughts on “How to Custumize the Fn1/Fn2/Video buttons”

  1. Hello! I searched the internet for answers to my question and this one post here seems to be the closest to my issue. I had to send in my OMD EM10 to fix a broken shutter. When I got it back all of the camera settings had been reset to the factory settings. I had set my camera up about 2 years ago when I first purchased it and hadn’t ever looked at the setting again, and I’ve always used the same one lens (oly 14-150mm zoom). The problem is I cannot for the life of me figure out how to set the autofocus in the movie record mode as I had it set before. The way it was set before was: while in movie mode AF mode would be set to S-AF (and a half press of the shutter would do the single AF). I would press record on the video button and the focus would be locked to where I set it. However, while I was shooting the video, I was able to push FN1 button and get it to do another singl-shot auto focus. So basically while shooting video I put the AF target on something else I want to change focus to, push FN1 and the focus would AF to that new target and stay locked there. But (!) when I was any of the photo modes of the camera the focus would work as per factory presets (ie. no back button AF). Right now the only choices I have for setting the FN1 fuction in movie mode (related to AF) is “AEL/AFL lock” which does NOT work as I described before. Any help regarding how I can get my settings back to the way they were would be most helpful (I shot over 200 video hours of documentary footage with the original settings and it was the best way to work, now I can’t work how I was before).

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