E-M5 Fn Chart

Many, many thanks to MG Grischke, who has spend hours of time putting this chart together, and giving me permission to post it for all to have as fantastic resource for the Olympus OMD E-M5
The EM-5 gives you the great opportunity to assign specific functions to the various buttons. By doing so you can adjust the camera nicely to your shooting style and define up to 4 “Mysets” with different button functions assigned, based on your shooting needs.
When looking into the manual (Page 93) you might expect that all the 21 functions listed there can be assigned to all the available buttons:
– buttons on the body: Fn1, Fn2, Rec, Arrow pad in [Direct Function]
– buttons on the on the HLD-6 Battery Holder: B-Fn1, B-Fn2
– button on the Lens: L-Fn
Unfortunately there are some significant restrictions, referred in the manual only as “The options available vary from button to button”.
For example the right and down arrow buttons of the arrow pad are very limited with respect to the functions which can be assigned, but only to these buttons the “Drive Mode” function can be assigned (very helpful !!). By the way it is very annoying that you can not configure the Arrow Up button, which is just predefined with “Exposure Compensation”. Why Olympus?
It is also quite confusing that the “ISO” function can be assigned to all buttons, but not to Fn1. Contrary you have to use the Fn1 button for the “Myset” function, if you do not own the HLD-6 Battery Holder or not having a lens with a L-Fn button available.
As a help for identifying the right combinations of the specific button functions, here you can find a table with all the available functions and to which of the different buttons they can be assigned (… and which functions can not be assigned to a specific button). So the planning and set up of your most efficient “Mysets” configuration should by much more convenient.

Click on chart to magnify it

Whenever Olympus will give some more flexibility to some of the buttons, the table will be updated.
If you want to use the table outside this blog, just contact the blog host by parbib@gmail.com
Article and Chart by.
MG Grischke
(Used by Permission)

32 thoughts on “E-M5 Fn Chart”

  1. Mr. Grischke, Thank you for the E-M5 Function Button Chart. This was a large amount of detailed work on your part, and you deserve many comments of praise.

  2. Good day Sir, about to receive my new E-M5 and feel slightly relieved that I found your chart…congratulations on a job well done:)

    1. Thanks, but the credit to MG Grischke, who spent hours to catalog all the possibilities. Enjoy your new E-M5 when it arrives. And do take time to set it up. It is a camera that needs some personal tweaks to the default settings to really deliver great images. You can start with the “Tips and Tricks” page at the top on my Blog.

  3. Thanks you very helpfull! drove me nuts to figure it out where the hell the B FN Buttons should be at the body. No, i dont have the Battery grip

  4. Generally don’t reply, but I agree with those who did in greatly appreciating your work in expanding on the Function modes—now why doesn’t the Mfgr do this? Again thanks

  5. An excellent chart, thanks.
    Can I suggest a small improvement – highlight the factory default settings for each button. It would greatly help beginners to understand clearly what they would be starting with / changing from.

  6. This is very useful, thx
    But using fn1 to set to my set does not work. I have set 1 and 2 identical except one is monochrome. But fn1 shows the color verion as long as i hold the button, but as soon as I release it. It is back to the initial set. It actually does not switch properly.

    1. To switch back, you have to set up a different Fn button,for your the other setting. OR,… go in the menu to switch Mysets.
      The Function is not an on/off switch….for “MySet #”

  7. Thx Arbib. But may be you misunderstood me. I mean that the function doesnt even work once. I have assign the button to myset1 settings but i don t see the effect.

    1. You need to setup your how you want the camera to act in different “Myset” presets… BEFORE you set a Preset up as Myset#..Once you set the camera up, THEN go to the “MySets” and set one up….be-sure to use the “>” at the “Myset#” and then choose “SET” to make new Myset#…Otherwise, all you did is use that numbers last settings.
      I have MySet3 as a bracketing function. AND FN1 is setup to activate Myset3… Unfortunately… it looks like holding it in is required when you use a “MySet#” to Fn1, and, the camera defaults back to normal functions when released…. a bit of a pain I guess.

  8. arbib, really thank you as you are trying to help. Yes, i understand how to set and how tomuse my set. What i am saying it that it just doesnt work if i define 2 sets: once monochrome and one color. You can just experiement yourself as well.

    1. Unfortunately you will have to go into the menu to setup 4 different setups, And you will have to switch between then through the “Myset#” Menus,.. I have a monochrome setup also…and switching back and forth through the Menu is a few seconds more… that is the only way it can be done… Maybe the E-M6 will have 3 custom programs on the Mode Dial…

  9. I finally figured out how the nutton assigned to myset work. You have to keep your fingers on for shooting with the set assigned. The button should not be used to switch to another set. It doesn t work this way.

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