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E-M5 has a Beta of Focus Peeking in V1.5 Firmware!!

In case you haven’t noticed, with the Firmware 1.5 update, a locked Beta of Focus Peaking was unlocked (limited) and now can be used with MF lenses, and in Manual Focus mode.

Here is a Video

You can only use “Art Filter/Key Lime II at the moment. And you must shoot in Raw+JPG…

Which is good, because you can change the Art Filter to not use it RAW in Viewer 2
Maybe Olympus will give us the FULL update before the Holidays.



Buy 3rd Party Batteries for your Olympus OMD E-M5 – CHEAP-

First off,  am not associated with any eBay Seller. I was looking for an alternative to the $60.00 OEM battery that Olympus sells.

I found a good battery that has the same specs as the BLN-1 battery, 1450 mAh, and 7.6volts for $13.00 a piece, the only caveat is that you must use the charger that is sold with a Kit or separately from the same eBay Seller.


Here is one seller that always has batteries and chargers available. Either in a kit, or sold separately.

DSTE 7.6V 1450mAh BLN-1 BLN1 Battery + DC133 Charger for Olympus OM-D E-M5 EM5