15 Tips For Better Results With Your Street Photography


I thought I might post some links to some great articles on tips for good Street Photography. The Olympus OM-D’s make a great Street Photography camera.

This is one of my interests, and I do enjoy Street Photography… more towards the Older Classic approach. I like the 24mm and 28mm field of view… but, the 35mm and 50mm are also very popular.

Street Photography can be challenging… it involves a bit of self confidence to take photos of strangers, up close..Many start by just keeping their camera at waist level (28 fov is good for this) and turn and shoot. It is a good idea to have some kind of business card about being a Street Photography Freelancer, with an URL pointing to one of your gallery’s.


Street Photography can also help beat shyness… you will meet people as you go about your day photography people. I never ask to take a candid, else is not a candid… but, I will give a smile and nod if they see me take their photograph. The Goal, is to blend in, not be noticed… but, you will be, and always be friendly.

Be sure to stay ON public property when taking pictures.. in the USA, this your safe area to not be trespassing..And a Protected right…

10193689695_5ede82566c_zThe Photography on this page   ^^^^^^  is my Street Photography,

OK, here is the 1st link to 15 tips for good Street Photography

LINK >> 15 Tips For Better Results With Your Street Photography

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