8 thoughts on “Features wanted on the E-M5 Relacement.. Chart from Poll”

    1. haha
      I remember when 36x was all you got before changing film…
      so close to 350 exposures on a battery, it a big improvement.
      When I was a Wedding Photographer with a film camera, you learn to perfect your photography and timing, to make every shot as if you had one chance to get it right..not relying on your motor-drive to capture the moment.
      I typically shot around 300 photos for a full coverage Wedding. I had a Must-Have list for each stage or part of the Wedding.
      This was before PJ style coverage was heard of.

      1. In reply to Arbib; That is indeed so, and I remember getting eight shots from a roll of 620 film in my old Box Brownie. But we have moved on, and my 50D will go all day on a single battery. Without switching it off…

        A pity they chose to go with quite a small battery in the E-M5. But on the plus side, they are light and easy to carry, so I take extras and use the accessory battery grip, which gives me *almost* a day on the two installed batteries. My photography is all “walk around”…

        (Maybe the Olympus inspires me to take more shots???)

        And what’s that battery grip made of? lead? It sure adds some weight to the camera!

        Handles nice, though. 🙂 Reminds me of some of the old Nikons with a motor drive attached. But sequential shooting? Nah! Not unless you’re dealing with very quick events!

        And as Peter B implies, do we already HAVE the successor? 🙂

  1. There’s a rumour that all the items from the top of the list will be implemented in the E-M5 successor. They even already have a name for the camera: it’s called an E-M1 ;-P

    1. haha
      I will get the E-M1, more for the control ergonomics and larger size.
      plus, I use adapted lenses much more than native lenses.
      I wander what the E-M5 MkII will have?

    1. not sure if the e-m5 replacements would have both focusing systems although that would be nice.
      right now the E-M1 is the only model with both focusing systems and can use both focusing systems with micro 4/3 lenses in autofocus tracking mode. well, it can switch back and forth between the two focusing systems.

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