8 thoughts on “What would you like to see in the E-M5 Replacement? (My Survey)”

  1. Faster AF – (Faster than the EM1) – I’d rather have the next EM5 than the current EM1 – because it’s such a great camera! Plus, the EM1 users will be really upset if the new EM5 is faster than theirs – he he! The trick is to be patient and wait. Olympus will always bring out something better!

      1. I know, I know. I just think if they did a full SLR sensor, with all that great Zuiko glass, they’d blow away Nikon and Canon.

        I love my OM-D. Agree with Nikki – keep the retro look that mimics my old OM spot program SLR that I learned to shoot on. 🙂

      2. To add:

        This review you link gets at what I suspect Olympus is doing. They build a user base with m4/3 and then when they decide to compete with Nikon on DSLR they will have a ready market. Great strategy.


        “When Olympus and Panasonic first announced the Four-Thirds Alliance, I was intrigued as to why an established company like Olympus would want to venture out into left field like it did. Panasonic I could readily understand, not having any legacy in the SLR market. But Olympus, with it’s long and storied history, a sizeable user base, and a reputation for high quality imagery stood to lose a lot. Or did it?

        The DSLR market has been dominated by Canon and Nikon, with Sony making a strong show for third (some would argue second) place. Olympus’ desire to grow in this space was roadblocked by the stark reality that the top three could out-spend them at any turn, had a user base that was (and is) far larger than any they ever entertained, and were the darlings of pro and amateur photographer alike. Instead of playing their game, Olympus teamed up with photography upstart Panasonic and decided to play their own game.

        By introducing an entirely new sensor size specification, Olympus sought to free itself from trying to compete with the Big Three on their terms.”

  2. Yeah! – Lower IS0 100 – that would be very cool. And a slightly better sensor! Keep it looking Retro as well! – Not looking like a Full Frame DSLR! – Keep the Silver/Black too! – I love mine!

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