Reports State That the Olympus OMD EM5 Successor May be Coming in January

Image from The Phoblographer report

Phoblographer report:

It’s been a while since the original OMD camera has been released. But reports are now stating that the camera’s successor may be coming next month in January. According to 43Rumors, the camera’s successor will be known as the low end OMD within the series–which only really makes sense when you think about it. Olympus released the OMD EM1–with a gap in between the one and five.

Olympus is also said to be putting the same sensor as the OMD EM5 and the processor of the OMD EM1 in the camera. Once again, this also sounds viable as they used the same 12MP LiveMOS sensor for years in many of their Pen model cameras and the entire line of Pen cameras now have the same sensor as the OMD EM5. We just really, really hope that Olympus decides to use their partnership with Sony in a smarter way and develop new sensors. Their lenses are already wonderful and a strong argument can be made that they’re the best in the mirrorless camera industry.

Of course, nothing is set in stone at the moment despite the reports being very strong. The OMD EM5 was already a hit with lots of enthusiasts, but we’re also wondering how this camera will be placed amongst the entire mirrorless camera industry. Sony and Fujifilm are giving Olympus quite the run for their money at the moment with better sensors, a lineup of lenses that keep growing, and affordable prices. That isn’t to say that Olympus’s cameras are bad–they’re actually incredible. But with the way that modern day marketing works in the consumer tech world, it seems that only the most savvy amongst us may understand.


4/3 Rumors Report:

Sorry guys for the confusion but now I am 100% sure about it: The new OMD camera coming in January is also the E-M5 successor. The confusion started because two of my sources have been told the E-M5 will still remain on sale for 2014. This lead us to believe that the new OMD camera will not replace the E-m5. As I learned tonight after a short discussion with trusted sources is that the new OMD will indeed be the E-M5 successor. But the original E-M5 camera will remain in production and available for sales even after the successor announcement.

Also confirmed: it has the same E-M5 sensor with E-M1 imaging processor.


I am hoping that the the model will be at least the E-M5 with Focus Peeking, added, at least. Although, a Firmware update CAN ADD IT to the current E-M5. But, Olympus is the only mirrorless maker that would rather sell you a new camera, with it, than just add it with a Firmware update.  Sony and Fuji are more in-touch with Customer needs, without milking every penny out of them for new “Firmwrae” add ons in a new body.. IMO.

Just Saying… the E-M5 really doesn’t need a replacement for Focus Peeking… For a New CPU, yes.. but, that isn’t really needed for us who can’t afford a new $1000 camera every few years. And the E-M5 is still a very capable camera for years to come!

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