Kowa to make m4/3 Cine lenses for 2014: (8mm/12mm/16mm/25mm/35mm/50mm)

Kowa to introduce 6 Cine lenses for the m4/3 mount!

in 2014

Screen-Shot-2013-11-13-at-3.51.13-PM8.5mm f/2.8
12mm f/1.8
16mm f1.8
25mm f/1.4
35mm f/1.4?
50mm f/1.4?

Link to a video that has more information below

Newsshooter at Interbee 2013: Kowa Micro 4/3 lenses cine lenses

Snip>> From “The Phoblographer”

The lenses were originally industrial lenses modified to work for cinema. The optical quality is said to be the same but the modifications have to do with the functionality such as the rings for focusing and aperture control. At the moment, the apertures are clicked, but that may change later on.

Kowa wants the lenses to be officially introduced at Photokina next year; and they’re not sure about the prices but the company wants them to be affordable. Check out their interview with Kowa after the jump for even more.


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