Q and A with Olympus President Haruo Ogawa and Planning Manager Eiji Shirota: After the E-M1, what’s next for mirrorless?

 President Haruo Ogawa
President Haruo Ogawa of Olympus Cameras

Future 4K video output is in the works for possible future models..

But, the Interview covers many areas of current development and some future.

Link >>

Q&A with Olympus President Haruo Ogawa and Planning Manager Eiji Shirota:

Snip >> One Q/A sample

DE: One thing in the US market is that a lot of amateurs that might be stepping up to an interchangeable lens camera, when they think of advanced camera, they just think “DSLR.” How are you working to overcome that bias? To my mind, mirrorless makes much more sense for many of those people, but how do you educate them?

Ogawa: When we think about SLR, we would think about the professional sports photography, like sports games, the Olympic games, etc. You see many of Nikon, Canon big lenses [at those kind of events]. My intention is not to seek for that direction. The value proposition Olympus wants to provide is a small, compact body, portability, and the ruggedness of the camera… dust-proof, freeze-proof. And also, image quality, thanks to high quality optics. So where do we need such cameras? It is probably what we call a “field camera”. Anywhere on the planet where there are severe shooting environments, you can use our camera. You can use our camera in any type of shooting circumstances. As I presented today [in a presentation to the US press at the E-M1 rollout event], there are many issues on this planet. War, poverty, disasters, so many things. In these kind of situations, you cannot bring a big, gigantic system. So our direction is to provide the solution in the form of this camera. So our marketing message for the OM-D camera is that its value proposition is suitable for those types of needs and wants.


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