Please don’t post unedited JPGS !!!! (Rant)

RANT: Take no offense….

One thing I have seen at a greater and greater pace, is photographers who no longer edit their images and really believe that their Out-Of-Camera JPGS are excellent! BUNK!!!!! That’s right, BUNK!!!! You are kidding NO ONE with your Ideology, your self-convinced ego, your FLAT, LACK OF COLOR, LACK OF POP, LACK OF FINAL SHARPENING, Posed images!!!!

If you spend so much time to travel to a great location, with just the right light, and spend 2 hours taking some images. Why not spend 1-2 hours editing them to look their best? NO Out-Of-Camera JPGS are excellent, NONE!!!! they all need some tweaking, mainly in these area at the least:

  • Curves or Levels for targeting the Dynamic Range, and some color adjustment
  • Sharpening…. all OOC JPGS are not sharpened that much. The Image does needs this… really!!!
  • Contrast adjustment (that works on micro-contrast), or a general contrast adjustment.
  • Saturation…..This adds POP to the colors.

I have seen some really great images…. but, the photographer didn’t do any editing at all, except to reduce the size for posting. So, this really nice image is a total display failure in the webs social arena… period! That is the reputation that is being built over time.

Please don’t use the excuse you have no time…. take less time out with your camera, so you have some time to edit. The results are well worth it in the long run. The “Long Run” is your reputation you are “building” now with each edited image you post.


Sample Out-Of-Camera (Olympus E-M5, Panasonic G 14mm f/2.5 ASPH, Super Fine JPG, Neutral Image Setting, ISO 200, Warming Filter Off)


Edited version: Levels, Contrast, Sharpening — under 2 minutes

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA———————————————————————————————————————————–

Sample Out-Of-Camera (Olympus E-M5, Panasonic G 14mm f/2.5 ASPH, Super Fine JPG, Neutral Image Setting, ISO 200, Warming Filter Off)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEdited version: Levels, Contrast, Sharpening — under 2 minutes


9 thoughts on “Please don’t post unedited JPGS !!!! (Rant)”

    1. actually, those are much more accurate than the OOC JPGS..
      No Saturation adjustment was made. but with with levels, the colors do come up better with the center adjust. even though it was overcast, it was quite bright.
      (the 1st edit may be a bit darker than reality.. again via the center adjust in levels, The 2nd edit is much closer to reality)

    1. I let you know ahead of time, this was a “Rant”.
      A rant is a quick displeasure with a more harsh attitude used in writing.
      I understand, that many don’t like a lecture in blogs…but, some DO need a “Slap-in-the-face” because their ego is the way to listen to a more sensible approach. And if they “Get-It”, even better. As I stated… take no offense.

  1. Interesting wake-up call, Arbib. Though I consider myself to be a “seasoned” photographer, I often find myself somewhat overwhelmed even by the modest number of pictures I take (and esp. when I return home from a trip). As a result, I find myself relying on OOC JPEGs (with accompanying RAW files) most of the time. I agree that many cases, tweaking the image really helps make it “pop”. I use the E-M5 and it generally has excellent OOC JPEGs, but as you illustrated above, there are many instances where it produces flat images. I’m currently experimenting with the Perfectly Clear app to auto enhance my shots, but I’m hesitant to let it run automated on all my images. I agree that if you were to *post* an image, you really should take the time to make it look the best it can.

    (P.S.: Are you still moderating (the former)

    1. Yeah it’s interesting, recently I did take some out of camera, Jpegs for a little project and I set the camera on vivid and turned up the contrast by 1 or 2 clicks.
      They weren’t bad for what I was using him for just to send you a picture through the email, but I never would’ve posted them on the internet.
      Actually the OMD series camera can take pretty good JPEGs.
      But the sharpening is never as good in editing.
      Yes I am a moderator at (formally
      What I have seen on the net though is closer to the ones I posted. really really flat, and un-sharpened.
      It know a Photojournalist who posts OOC JPGs all the time, though he swears that they are fine…
      he also uses a B&W high contrast art filter, which saves the photo IMO.

  2. I’m totally OK with this rant.
    I thought I was doing something wrong.
    I’ve often felt I must have missed something as I always do some tweaking, making my OOC pictures “better”.
    This was refreshing.
    I feel better now 🙂

    1. Can you post a link to your unedited image galleries?
      I am open to see your outstanding work. And What camera you used with your custom settings to achieve your outstanding images. As many of my blog readers would like to know also.
      Always looking for improvement..

      PS: your Flickr sets are great….BUT… NOT OOC JPGS… All are edited in LR5 for the Mac……

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