Lomography’s 1st Look at 3 New Lenses for M4/3: by Phoblographer



Link >> Lomography’s New Lenses for Micro Four Thirds are Plastic Fun


In keeping with all things quirky, Lomography is announcing today a couple of new lenses for Micro Four Thirds cameras. Specifically there are three lenses: a fisheye, a 12mm f8 and a 24mm f8. Due to the small aperture, we’re going to assume that these lenses are also made from plastic.

The official name for all three lenses in a bundle together is called the Experimental Exposure kit. According to their press release, “The Experimental Lens Kit is the first lens kit in the world which allows you to take optical multiple exposures using a digital camera. By using the built-in mechanic N/B shutter on each lens, you can take multiple exposures with ease (without having to merge photos together using post-production techniques).” Olympus Micro Four Thirds cameras have had a multiple exposure setting for a while built into them, but we’re intrigued as to how the kit works.


Specs in The Phoblographer 1st look article, linked above.

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