Olympus’ new flagship camera is geared for pros: USA TODAY

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Link >>> Olympus’ new flagship camera is geared for pros: USA TODAY


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Professional shooters are going to fall in love with the system Olympus is building.

Yet, it’s still small enough that the E-M1 remains reasonably compact. Compared with a full-frame DSLR from Canon, Nikon or Sony, the E-M1 looks downright diminutive. Armed with similar lenses, the E-M1 is more than 40% lighter than the Canon 5D Mark III. It’ll make a big difference to any working photographer after a hard day’s work.

Olympus applied its innovative new control-dial scheme to the E-M1 (first seen earlier this year in the PEN E-P5 model). On the camera’s body are two large control wheels with a special toggle positioned by your thumb. Flick the toggle and the dials can change from one custom function setup to another. No other camera maker features such an inspired, yet simple, bit of control magic.

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2 thoughts on “Olympus’ new flagship camera is geared for pros: USA TODAY”

  1. I use the M4/3 camera and lenses. The biggest problem with the M4/3 system is its price, especially the Olympic lenses. My next purchase will ne the Nikon D610 camera and the Tamron 70-300mm and 90mm Macro lenses. Those lenses are of excellent quality but they come with sensible pricetags .

    1. You need to get the system that works for you.

      I can tell, though, the Tamron Zoom (I owned the APO version), is not made to the same high level of materials, Fit and Resolution Tolerances as the Tamron EX series. The 90mm EX Macro is though. The prices are (for the High ends lenses, Zooms for Oly or Panny) are actually less $$ than FF equals, and 1/2 the size and weight. (12-35 f/2.8, or the 35-100 f/2.8 for example)
      The Primes, as you said, are a bit higher than others. The Oly 17/1.8 though is more reasonable. BUT, the quality of the build is much higher than a “Consumer” grade lens. Which is why the 17/1.8 is not “Consumer Grade” lens. And is priced higher, as all higher grade lenses are by any maker.

      Maybe, many wanted Cheap Build Fast Primes, Oly, or Panny really doesn’t do that… N/C/P did it for one lens… the 50mm f/1.8. all other fast primes are priced as they should be, as a higher quality build lens, which they are.
      Also, Higher Quality Lenses are made to resolve 15%-25% more detail than a consumer lens. And have much better CA control and Flare that is a part of higher specs regardless of makes the lens.

      I here the D610 has resolved all the Issues of the D600. And, for the price, makes a good FF choice.. but, don’t Expect D4 Build or material choice. it is, in all respects, an entry level FF camera.

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