By Request: Full size from RAW Olympus OM-D E-M1 Images: By Steve Huff

Snip from the Steve Huff Article>>

Hello to all! I just arrived back home from Ireland after an 18 hour travel day, delayed flights and missed connections but hey, it was worth it just to go to the gorgeous castle and put the E-M1 to test in a beautiful environment (see my initial report HERE). The weather was not so hot on the day at the Castle which required me to up the ISO on the camera but I still feel the images are superb. I have had a few email requests for full size images, from RAW from the camera. So here you go!

Enjoy and have a great rest of the weekend! I will be back Monday morning!


LINK > Full size from RAW Olympus OM-D E-M1 Images

These will open AS A FULL SIZE JPG in Olympus Viewer 3, 1.1 and Corel AfterShot Pro

I believe LightRoom 5.2 is the only RAW converter that can open the RAW file.

And AS A FULL SIZE JPG in Photoshop CC,  ACR will need an update to open the RAW file.

3 thoughts on “By Request: Full size from RAW Olympus OM-D E-M1 Images: By Steve Huff”

  1. I did full size JPEGs @ ISO 200 from my OM-D E-M5 in LR5 and even at 100% I can’t distinguish a difference in sharpness from my RAW images of the same scenes though obviously the color renditions differ. Is there supposed to be much difference in sensors between the E-M5 and E-M1? The E-M5 JPEGs are razor sharp.

    1. I would think that the E-M1 will have marginal increases in IQ, but, not earth shacking.
      The biggest advantage is the ability to use 4/3 lenses with no lose in AF speed because of the PDAF points on the sensor.
      PLUSES for Non-4/3 lens users… They gain 1/8000s, 1/320s sync, a built-in grip, Focus Peeking for Legacy lenses and AF lenses. Better handling with longer lenses.
      Worth it? Well, With the E-M5, add a $300 grip, (the price of the E-M1 body is $1300), and you gave an equivalent body as the E-M1 as far cost. (not features)
      The $1300 E-M5+Grip does not have… ,1/8000s, 1/320s sync, Focus Peeking. So, you get 1/8000s, 1/320s sync, Focus Peeking with no extra charge for the E-M1, as far as price comparison of the E-M5+Grip vs E-M1 body only (Body Specks)

  2. Of course, that price comparison is at full retail – the E-M5 is available, grip and all, for hundreds of dollars less now . . .
    And the “built-in grip” on the E-M1 could also be described as a “non-removable grip” – making it less versatile than the E-M5 . . .
    Plus the E-M5 grip includes the vertical grip component and the E-M1 grip does not (it’s an additional $200) . . .
    All in all, a less than than compelling upgrade for non-4/3 lens owners or for someone buying into the system fresh . . .
    Some reviewers are also saying the E-M5 just feels and handles better . . .
    Thank you, Olympus, for making it easy to skip this “upgrade”.

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