Shooting with the Olympus OM-D E-M1 in Dublin Ireland: By Steve Huff


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Shooting with the Olympus OM-D E-M1 in Dublin Ireland

By Steve Huff


I spent the last two days in Dublin Ireland with Olympus and about 15 other photographers testing out the latest and greatest Micro 4/3 camera, the E-M1. I used to own the E-M5 which is the model that preceded the E-M1 and I LOVED It. It was small, light, fast and highly capable. I have always been a fan of Micro 4/3 and the love just continues with this release 🙂

The new E-M1 takes it up a few notches and is titled the First PRO Micro 4/3 body and not only does it shoot with Micro 4/3 lenses, it can shoot your 4/3 glass as well, and the AF speed is quick and snappy even when using the adapter for that 4/3 glass. See a sample below with the 14-35 at f/2. 


9 thoughts on “Shooting with the Olympus OM-D E-M1 in Dublin Ireland: By Steve Huff”

  1. Steve, First, I enjoy your writings and I appreciate the education you have provided me and others. I am a newbie to MFT having recently sold all of my bricks (Canon DSLRs and big glass) and purchased the EM-5 and the three Panasonic zooms: 12-35, 35-100, 100-300.

    I have on order the EM-1 and the 12-40 f/2.8.

    If you didn’t have the 14-35 f/2, would you consider purchasing it instead of the 12-40 f/2.8 for the .8 of a stop? I am guessing no; I wanted to hear it from you.

    I am also considering replacing the 35-100 when the 40-150 is released next year. I will still keep the 100-300 for the 150-300 focal length. Unlike others, I have been very happy with the results at 300mm.


    Cheers, Jay

  2. Interesting camera with rave reviews but I’m not sure that I want to upgrade from the EM5 to the EM1. But I’d like to go and handle it in store to see what the ergonomics are like.

    The 14-35 zoom sounds interesting though. I only have prime lenses at the moment.

    1. I too will not upgrade, I don’t own any older lenses E Series from the previous Olympus system. And for $300 I can add a grip.

      I would like a faster shutter speed and possibly have some other the features but the price difference from selling the E-M5 and adding the cash like you probably isn’t worth it… although it may be close I guess..

  3. I too have been very interested to see the new E-M1. I bought the E-M5 simply because I fell in love with the retro look. While I admit that’s NO reason to buy a camera, I have been absolutely delighted to find it’s the best camera I have ever owned. (Most recently, Nikon F-801s, (which I can’t bear to part with, because it WAS my favourite ever), then a Canon EOS 50D, Lumix GH-1, then the Olympus). I added the grip kit to the E-M5, and it’s as close to perfect as I think I’ll get. But an upgrade to the E-M1? No, I don’t think so. While it’s obviously better in some respects, it’s just not “better enough” for me to justify the outlay.
    Now, the new lens, well, that’s a different story! Can’t wait for the price (ouch!) to drop a little…’

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