How to customize the Fn1/Fn2/Video buttons

To help customize the Olympus E-M5 to suit your needs, you can setup 3 buttons for specific functions. The 3 buttons are:

  • Fn1
  • Fn2
  • Video Record

Many owners who have a good size stable of older manual focus lenses like to set Fn2 as a “Magnify” button. This is a very handy spot, being just to the right of the shutter button.

Many who like to take a light reading, and “Hold” it to re-frame, like to make the Red Video record button an Exposure Lock.. Using the Spot Meter for the reading area. Being just a small distance on the top deck from the shutter button, makes it convenient also..

And, I like Fn1 as the digital 2x option….

But, if you want to customize these 3 buttons and save them as a “My Camera #”, this allows you have several settings that are easily changed when needed.

OK, how do it?

  • Menu
  • Gears
  • >
  • B (Button/Dial)
  • OK
  • Button Function
  • OK
  • FN1/Fn2/Video
  • >
  • up/down arrow to pick function
  • OK (to set button to function)

To set the AEL to the spot meter:

  • Menu
  • Gears
  • >
  • E (Exp/ISO)
  • OK
  • AEL Metering
  • OK
  • Up/Down arrows to pick meter pattern (3rd option is the Spot Meter)
  • OK (to set the pattern)

BTW, if you change the Meter to Spot via the SCP before you use the AEL lock, you will see the effect as you move the spot around. The benefit of “Live View. Then you can just push the AEL button when you see the effect you want.

7 thoughts on “How to customize the Fn1/Fn2/Video buttons”

  1. Thank you for sharing your insights on ways to make getting the shot that you want more likely, more of the time!

    I do have a question. As I look through the view finder there is a transparent circle in the middle that must be a light meter. Placing it on something dark, makes the dark thing lighter and everything else too bright. Placing it on something light more correctly resembles what my eye sees looking through the view finder.

    I do not seem to find a way of moving this central dot or of changing its behavior. When I spot meter on something, am I taking a reading of that spot or is that central spot still doing the metering, rendering my ‘spot’ as something in relation to that central light sensitive area?

    1. That is the “SPOT” meter area. is part of a grid that is built in.
      You can move the camera to spot-meter where you want.

      Anything you place in that spot will be metered. and you will see abrupt changes in the brightness of the whole image area as you move from light to dark areas. . I wish Olympus had placed a “Multi-Spot” option to average 2 or 3 readings at least in the E-M5.

      (The OM4 could take up to 9 spot readings, and average them on the fly. The film body that the E-M5 was designed after).

  2. Ok. So that spot is stationary. When I push the AEL button, what I see is what I will get in terms of metering. I find I can easily manipulate the focus area with the little green box.

    Thank you! I can relax into using a meter that stays put now that I know that is how it works.

    1. No. you can make the “Down Arrow” or “Right Arrow” a Flash function.
      See the page on the “Fn Function Chart” in the menu above..

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