Abandoned Home, Olympus E-M5, Panasonic 14mm, BW JPG mode.

There is this abandoned home and garage just about 1/2 mile from where I live. I have passed it many times w/o to much notice. But, the other day, the Sun was low, and the light was fantastic.. or too much, how ever you look at it.

The next day I took my E-M5 with a 14mm mounted, and used “Myset 3″… Setup for B&W JPG with a Yellow filter.

I used CS5 to edit them, not AfterShot Pro.. (Something about saving an Original JPG as a Converted JPG went wonky)
Plus CS5 has 3 lens correction controls that is enough for the slight barrel distortion correction of the 14mm.
(The few I could convert in ASP, did have the correction applied)

1: Panasonic 14mm

Strong back-lighting from the low Sun.
Strong back-lighting from the low Sun.

2: Panasonic 14mm

Abandoned 02

One of the cautions you MUST adhere to is look at the floor for weakness. many many old homes have Wood floors with a 2/foot or less crawl space that supports the floor. Also made with Wood. So, any riot will cause the floor too cave in.  And always look high also, the roof can also be collapsing!

Personally, with a Wood Floor Abandoned Home, I take photos from open doors and windows without entering the building. If, it has a Concrete Floor, it will be a lot safer to enter than building with a wood floor.


3: Panasonic 14mm (1/40)

A place not to "Tread On"
A place not to “Tread On”


4: Panasonic 14mm (1/30)

Abandoned 04


5: Panasonic 14mm (1/160)

Abandoned 05

Always look for different angles, and interesting compositions. Try to show something a little different than a normal viewpoint. A wide angle lens allows this a bit easier than a using a normal lens, which is good for details of whatever.

6: Canon FL 50mm f/1.4 at f/8 I think (1/80)

Abandoned 06


7: Panasonic 14mm (1/500)

Abandoned 07


8: Panasonic 14mm (1/125)

Abandoned 08

I hope you have enjoyed these photographs

11 thoughts on “Abandoned Home, Olympus E-M5, Panasonic 14mm, BW JPG mode.”

  1. Very nice, sharp images! Good tonality and contrast as well, despite some high contrast situations. I can only imagine how much more sharp they would be if a tripod were used!

    1. Thanks for reply: The 14mm is a very good lens, and is sharp!

      Well, on sharpness, #2, and #3 are at 1/30s and 1/40s, the rest are above 1/80s, But IBIS is very good, and I don’t think a tripod would add much. The 5way IBIS is a lot better than other cameras with IBIS, including other Olympus Cameras. I have used a 1/2s hand held for a small waterfall image, everything but the water was sharp… no blurred edges at 100% inspection! If you know how to stand and breath, it is possible with today’s cameras!

      1. Good point. As I don’t own an OM-D EM-5, I do recall reading about the excellent 5-axis IBIS. However, I’m basically an old school large format (and 35mm) landscape shooter, and always feel that in order to obtain MAXIMUM sharpness, a tripod is necessary, combined with a good lens, good exposure and post-processing technique. But I do realize that the OM-D IBIS is leagues above other sysems, and would lessen the need for a tripod in most cases!

  2. Peter nice work. The house definitely had an eerie air to it, Thought the contrast on the window shoots was great, nice composition.

    1. Thanks, The light was very contrasty through the windows, I think I used Center weighted metering. It helps with this kind of off-to-the-edge window lighting. I may come back on a Full Moon as see is I have real eerie light, I may bring my P/20mm f/1.7 for that.

  3. NIce shots Arbib!
    Couldn’t help but have a heavy heart to look at someone’s dreams now shattered. I suspect somewhere there lies a broken family.

  4. Nice pictures–they are both eery and lonely. The E-M5 does a great job in B&W! I recall an article by Steve Huff where he pitted the E-M5 with 14-42 kit zoom against a $13,000 Leica Monochrom. And to my eyes at least, the E-M5 acquitted itself *very* well–I could not tell the difference.

    I am also interested in learning more about your JPG problems with AfterShot Pro–I also use ASP and have found it quite reliable so far, compared to the Photoshop Elements editor that inexplicably refuses to edit certain files. Maybe write a blog post about your ASP issues?

    1. I think ASP is a RAW converter 100%, it doesn’t like “Not Converting” IE: JPG to new JPG is not happening. Even JPG to Tiff seems a no go also… BUT, RAW to JPG/TIFF are fine. So, I just use CS5 with OOC JPGS.

  5. Hi,
    I like the one with the window.
    I just got an om-d em5, and am wondering how to set it in b&w jpeg mode. I tried to change the picture mode to monochrome but it changes the raw to b&w as well, which I don’t want.

    So can jpeg b&w be set so that I can see b&w in the monitor as well?


    1. You will have shoot in JPG only, and monochrome (on the Super Control Panel)

      On the SCP, (center bottom), change the File type from RAW to JPG L/Superfine
      and in the upper right of the SCP is the FILM type… change that to Monochrome.

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