E-M5 has a Beta of Focus Peeking in V1.5 Firmware!!

In case you haven’t noticed, with the Firmware 1.5 update, a locked Beta of Focus Peaking was unlocked (limited) and now can be used with MF lenses, and in Manual Focus mode.

Here is a Video

You can only use “Art Filter/Key Lime II at the moment. And you must shoot in Raw+JPG…

Which is good, because you can change the Art Filter to not use it RAW in Viewer 2
Maybe Olympus will give us the FULL update before the Holidays.



6 thoughts on “E-M5 has a Beta of Focus Peeking in V1.5 Firmware!!”

  1. I”m not exactly sure what this whole focus peaking is about… I’ve googled and googled, but can’t seem to figure it out. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Focus Peeking “Outlines” the edges of any part of the image that is in focus. So, instead of focusing back and forth until it “Looks” the sharpest, you, just focus until you “SEE” the outline of areas “IN-FOCUS” of the parts you want in focus. Look at the video again… it shows you the outlines as the face of the bear come into focus. (time line: 34-35s.. all the black specks and the ring around the nose are the Focus Peeking outlines)

  3. Interesting find, but where did you find the V1.5 firmware? The Oly site has rescinded their latest firmware version 1.2.

    Thanks for information

    1. A few weeks ago I heard of the upgrade.. I uploaded through the Stand Alone Update software on the OEM CD… Funny it was taken down ??
      IT was a beta, and maybe they just wanted a few updates to be delivered.. this can be a good sign. !! Maybe 1.6 will be the full Version Focus Peeking.. before Christmas!!! nice..if we get it…

  4. I do it with firmware 1.2, and without shooting RAW.
    Just save two settings : one normal and one with the art effect key lime.
    with first setting actvated use the Fn2 button to switch to your second settings with art filter. Focus, release Fn2 to be back in your first setting and it’s done !

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