Franklin Mill area Photo Essay

Last week, I had received 2 rolls of Ilford Delta Pro 400 B&W film. Being on a limited income, I don’t always have film laying around. I buy anywhere from 2-10 rolls at a time. This last week, I visited an area I have photographed various sections before. This time, I wanted to walk around the near by residential area. I had my Nikon FE, and 50mm f/1.8 Nikon AiS loaded with Delta Pro 400. I also shoot the roll at ISO 400. Most of film photography in this kind of area is more in line with bold graphic design, or detail photography.

Ilford Delta 400 has a rich shadow detail, along with great mid tones and highlights. Although, the developer you use, does a large roll in the Dynamic Range (DR) also. I use Rodinal at various dilutions, I used 1:25 this time around because it offers solid blacks and good mid tones. The DR is a little shorter in the shadows, but, that is what I like right now.  While walking about, I am always looking for graphic and other possibilities. They can come in different forms. Some are just plain pattern photos, others are isolating objects that can be framed in a graphic way.

When I go out, I have very general idea of what I may photograph. This day, it was to walk around and let inspiration guide me as I pass homes, business’s, etc. There are always a few themes I am working on, so, those come to mind when I see them come up. Benches is one theme, Steps is another theme for example. But as many photographers, we tend to gravitate towards graphics, patterns, and other “Art Like” themes.

The main thing is enjoy the day out, and relax. This is the biggest thing I get from going out for a few hours, alone, with my camera. I can unwind, relax, de-stress. Not worry about bills, or the wife and kids. A time to recharge. I am sure, many of you have similar results over and above the fine photographs you will take.

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