After the Rain

It has been a bit of rainy weather the last few days. So, since my article on “Themes” was popular, I decided to start a new theme on my Flickr “Theme” collection called “After The Rain”. I have a pretty large collection of glass that I haven’t used for a while, and, for some reason, I decided to pull out the 1960’s Soligar 105mm f/2.8 Preset in a Pentax  M42 mount, adapted to my Olympus E-M5. I recently had it serviced, well, I had the Iris Blades cleaned (21), and the main glass blocks cleaned up a bit. I can tell you, if you have a mirrorless interchangeable  lens camera, don’t write off these old lenses. Many of them are very good, and many have very cool Bokeh (the look of the OOF areas).

And, many are quite sharp also! For this Theme, I felt taking some interesting photographs after all the rain had ended might prove to be inspirational. Of course, having a lens with a field of view of a 210mm on a 35mm SLR, my “Eye” has to be geared for details, not vistas. One of favorite places, is a local park (sound familiar right? We all have at least one favorite place to go when time may be a factor). This lens was a $5.00 deal!, and I spent $25.00 to have my local camera repair guy (, do a quick cleaning for me .

The lens cleaning was a while ago, but I had really used it for more than a test shoot of two. Today, I took it out for real project, and “After The Rain” is the theme. Water drops are interesting to photograph on various surfaces. And that was my subject to find in various scenarios, of course leaves also is great subject after a good rain. And, being the beginning of Fall. There where many many leaves all over the place, so I also looked for natural bunches of leaves laying in water. here are a few leaves I found worthy of  my time to photograph them. I hope they appreciate it, and continue to stop others to take a look 😉

One of the other things I like about using a longer lens, is that it allows me to “In-Camera-Crop” and try to photograph a more abstract photograph. It does take a little bit of “Putting-On-The-Blinders” to narrow your eye a bit. There is a lot t0 photograph in small chunks the areas around you. And you will look funny to passes by also… haha, who cares, enjoy your inspiration and resulting photographic images.

I hope you have enjoyed this Article on the Theme: After The Rain. And have a great day of Photography.

One thought on “After the Rain”

  1. Very nice shots. Still waiting to buy an Olympus ( always bills to pay!!!) I haven’t started looking for used lenses but the idea is appealing. The Olympus 45, 75, and pending 17 are also appealing but again the financial side to it really is an issue. That and my Panasonic Fz35 really takes very good pictures save the dark!
    Anyway, very nice shots. Keep up the good work!

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