Cell Phones: Where would we be without them?

I was raised  in a time and space where the “Princes” phone was stylish, over the many years since it’s debut (1959 by GE), it was modified to look more modern. It was the most popular phone design by far!!. the production ended in 1994.  Over the years, the telephone has become one of the most important inventions in our time. Why?  Well, look at a smart phone. It is a mini-computer with more computing power than the first Apple or IBM offerings for a few decades out. We have phones with 1ghz+ CPU’s, 8gig SSD memory +, Even in the late 1980’s, a 386, 25mhz, with 512k ram was the norm!!

Now, what has this to do with photography, you say?  Well, I was looking through last Street Photography Folder, and I noticed quite a few candid photos that had people using their smart phones. This has a become a huge tool in our work and personal lives. For those people who DON’T want to bring their office with them on the road, DON’T get a job where a smart phone is mandatory! Because, today, that is required tool in today’s fast pace world. Then again, try having a connected life with your family or work without one. Be it, via a Facebook or Twitter App, or a business App that can access “The Cloud” with.

As a start up Street Photographer (at the time of this article was posted), I am starting to see that I don’t always go out in the streets with a “Theme” in mind. And, this is, many times, how I go out. You don’t know what you will find as far themes, most of the day is spent looking around your surroundings and making split-second judgements on wither or not to take a photograph. It is interesting how, after looking over my photographs from any one day, that I have a few “Themes” intertwined on the SD card. This article, obviously, is on photographs where people are using Cell Phones.

We might as well face it, we are addicted to our overwhelming technology! we CAN’T live without it, and must have a fix a few times a hour, just like smoking! On my phone, my most used Apps are Weatherbug, Facebook, WordPress, Text-Plus, Gas-Buddy, xfinity (as a TV remote), Radar Now, RecForge Pro. Than add a Tablet to the mix with more Computer Like Apps, like Web Browsers, and other Apps that are better  viewed on larger LCD screen.

As a Street Photographer, having a theme can ease your anxiety of being a bit self consciousness that you may have placing a camera in someones face, or close to it. It allows you stay focused on a project, and focuses your attention in a more narrow way. In many ways, having a theme, is a project, and something to add on to, as you learn more.

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