E-M5, Indoors, No Flash = High ISO

A few weeks ago, My wife an I went downtown to visit a past Presidents Home in Indianapolis, Indiana. The President was Benjamin Harrison. We had been there before, but, no photographs where allowed. This time, the rules had changed, and photographs where allowed. Now, because all the items are [old] and Sunlight can age fabrics over time, the interiors  are fairly dark, and lit with modern lighting (disguised in the original lighting). At first, I set my Auto ISO to max out at 6400… Not enough, then I upped it to 10,000, that did the trick. I saw that ISO 8000 was used though for all the interior photos at f/2.5. I had my Panasonic G 14mm f/2.5 ASPH with me instead of my Panasonic G 20mm f/1.7 ASPH because I knew I needed a 28m fov over a 40mm fov..

This was my first time I used the Olympus E-M5 at such an high ISO for a real world trip. I had done “tests” before, but, those are throw away images. These Photos where to be keepers. I knew I had to put the cameras Noise Filter on LOW, so that was done. I also shot with a -.3 EC at times, in RAW, so the shadows where open a little. Many times, the shutter speeds were in the under 1/50s side, not too bad, but, I still needed to have a proper stance and breathing to assure as little self-imposed movement as possible.

For those who a bit shy to shoot at such a high ISO, have no need to fear it anymore. The Olympus E-M5 can pick fine detail just fine. Look at this image in all it’s glory by clicking on it:


The detail and style that you see in  the older furniture and other things in this era are style classics still. The tall ceilings where needed so each rooms door could have transit that opened allow the air flow to keep the home temperature fairly stable from room to room, since Air-Conditioners where not yet invented. Below are a few more, with a link to my Flickr Gallery Set for the rest.

That Unit was built in this room it sits, it is ONE piece, and has not been moved since it was made!

I can tell you that the  Olympus OMD E-M5 can delver at High ISO with plenty of Detail and Dynamic Range. It is an amazing camera, and I believe Olympus has turned another corner in their design, and implication with the M4/3 line. Just as the OM series turned a corner with the smallest full frame SLR, with a great set of OM lenses.

Here is the link to set of photos I took at the Presidents  House

“Benjamin Harrison Home Photo Set on Flickr”

5 thoughts on “E-M5, Indoors, No Flash = High ISO”

    1. IS on IS1 all the time, at 58, not, as steady as when I was 20 😉
      Although, I have taken a successful 1/2s exposure-handheld with my 20mm.

  1. Really nice.
    Like you mentioned, IBIS is really good.
    I think you could have gone for 1/20 or even longer without thinking of blur.
    Beside that, ISO is really good with this new cam.


    1. I try to use the lowest ISO with a decent shutter speed, for me, that’s around 1/40 for me… But, I have taken 1/2s without any blur on stationary objects also. I have an article here somewhere with samples.

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