Buy 3rd Party Batteries for your Olympus OMD E-M5 – CHEAP-

First off,  am not associated with any eBay Seller. I was looking for an alternative to the $60.00 OEM battery that Olympus sells.

I found a good battery that has the same specs as the BLN-1 battery, 1450 mAh, and 7.6volts for $13.00 a piece, the only caveat is that you must use the charger that is sold with a Kit or separately from the same eBay Seller.


Here is one seller that always has batteries and chargers available. Either in a kit, or sold separately.

DSTE 7.6V 1450mAh BLN-1 BLN1 Battery + DC133 Charger for Olympus OM-D E-M5 EM5

6 thoughts on “Buy 3rd Party Batteries for your Olympus OMD E-M5 – CHEAP-”

  1. A second caveat with these batteries may be that the E-M5 cannot determine the amount of charge and the battery icon will not be accurate. If so, this could be a problem with the automatic battery switching in the HLD-6 battery holder In any case, I just ordered a couple from Amazon because the Olympus BLN-1 batteries are non-existent at any price.

    1. The battery I bought DOES show the Charge Indicator on the LCD and in the EVF, Be sure to ask if the Indicators will work with the batteries you are considering. I understand your question.. If, that is true, II haven’t used mine enough to see this), figure on around 300-350 images then. And keep an eye on your image counter.
      Even with that small issue, $12.00 is cheap for a few spares.

    2. I bought four of these batteries to use in camera and with the accessory grip, made under different names and available through Amazon. It tells you when it is fresh and when it is about to run out. The batteries work just fine.

  2. Those look like the batteries that I bought via Amazon and they have worked fine. Can’t get OEMs.

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