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Olympus OM-D Resources

A Look at E-M5 JPGs 1600-6400

by Lisandra Sandiago

Thanks Lisandra for a great article on shooting between ISO 1600 to 6400.

So for the first time ever a JPEG engine impresses me so tremendously that unless its for work I’m just gonna shoot JPGs. BUT, despite how awesome it is, out of the box it can do with some tweaking, and with said tweaking its perfect.

First lets talk gradation
with gradation set to normal things stay, well, normal. It should say “off”, the normal option suggests that it does something. Low key digs intensely into the highlights, showing detail in every light intensity but the purest of whites. High key does the opposite.
Gradation auto expands the whole dynamic range noticeably, digging into the highlights (to me) about 2/3s of a stop more than normal, and it also digs into a shadows a full stop. The problem with…

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