Photos Added 3-2012: My E-M5 and the Nikon 100-300mm f/5.6 AiS

NIKON 100-300MM F/5.6 AiS Samples on a Olympus OMD E-M5

The In Body Stabilization worked like a charm. I typically pick f/11 and just keep it there with long lenses, unless I encounter shady areas. I use Auto ISO also with long lenses in hopes to have a higher speed., unless the shutter is too slow, Then I manually set a higher ISO, as high as 3200 with a +3 or +6 EV to keep the shadow noise down.

This is more of a Photo Post.

Here is a set of Rural Morresville, Indiana. Taken with the Olympus OMD E-M5, I didn’t record the f/stops because, I used f/5.6 for the 1st one then f/11 for the rest. Mainly because I wasn’t wearing my ball cap that I use to help shield the EVF, It was very bright today.

Also I am using new software  for editing, Corel Aftershot Pro and CS4 for final tweaking, since with ASP I am still not adj the contrast and Sharpening correct. So excuse any misses in editing… I think they are close though.

300mm f/5.6
300mm f/11
100mm f/11
150mm f/11
300mm f/11

Last few added 6-3-2012…

4 thoughts on “Photos Added 3-2012: My E-M5 and the Nikon 100-300mm f/5.6 AiS”

  1. peter , i just picked i mint copy of this lens , the100-300mm 5.6nikkor in mint condition
    for 50 dollars with a hoya japan uv filter and HN-24 hood soe quick testing says its a very good lens , iwas wondering about what mag of macro it is capabablr of on m43, searching the internet for info on this lens led me here … your site

    1. This lens was (is) one of the best large zooms of it’s day. The Olympus OM 85-250, and the update OM 50-250 is the other one. These two are also in the same league in IQ across the board. Meaning at f/5.6 (Nikkor), or f/5 (OM), the IQ is where ALL the modern start a few stops down. SO, f/5.6 (f/5 OM) down to f/11 has very little change in LPPM from Center to Corner It improves a little at f/8
      I ordered a 58mm tele lens hood for mine (2″ deep I think)
      I paid $65 for mine, and it too was E+ condition.
      The Mag. is 1:4 I think can only be engaged/did-engaged at 100mm.

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